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Where there’s a will, there’s a way

August 10, 2022Protecting Your Financial Future

When it comes to drafting a will, most Canadians know this important piece of documentation is a must-have. But do you need to hire a lawyer, or can you use a digital tool like Willful®?

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Forget Mortgage Insurance – Protect Your Everything With Life Insurance

July 27, 2022Your Home

If you or your spouse were to die unexpectedly before your home was paid off, could you afford the mortgage on a single income?

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Seed Funding Giveaway: Plant a Seed, Watch it Grow!

July 15, 2022Living Generously

What is seed funding? The way we see it, our members “plant” their seed money and watch it grow, raising funds to support a cause that is close to their heart.

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6 Volunteer Away From Home Opportunities

July 11, 2022Living Generously

If you’ve been itching to travel – with purpose – you’re in for a treat. We found some ways you can help communities throughout the world via registered Canadian charities.

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5 Ways to Travel on a Budget this Summer

July 4, 2022Your Money

Thanks to soaring hotel and gas prices, it may be trickier to travel on a budget this summer. But it's not impossible. Read on for some tips on how to get the most bang for your travel buck.

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So… What’s Next? Shaping Your Career Path After Graduation

June 15, 2022Your Career

If you've recently graduated, it’s normal to feel a bit nervous about what comes next. Want to make sure you’re set for the future? Read on for some common paths to take after graduation.

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Give Your Grad the Gift of a Solid Financial Foundation

June 1, 2022Your Family

As graduates enter the workforce, some of the most valuable gifts they'll receive are those that will help pay off student debt, save for the future, and achieve success at this next stage of life.

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New Mom or Dad? Here’s Why You Need a Will

May 18, 2022Your Family

Updating your will typically takes less time and effort than filing your taxes. Plus, you will feel so much better knowing your kids are taken care of if the unexpected were to happen.

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How to Cope With the Loss of a Loved One

May 11, 2022Your Health

Death and grieving. Not exactly a topic we like to chat about at the water cooler. As a society, we try hard to avoid it. Despite our best attempts, death is inevitable. And with it, comes grief.

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Why Moms Absolutely, Positively Need Life Insurance

May 4, 2022Protecting Financial Futures

A mother's love may be invaluable, but when you consider the value of all that unpaid labour, moms definitely DO need life insurance. So why do dads typically own more life insurance than moms?

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