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District Manager - Manitoba & Ontario

Joe Raine

I began my career in financial services as an advisor in 2014. Quickly, I built a reputation within the industry, as my peers began to take notice of my tremendous success with cold prospecting. It landed me speaking engagements at financial centres across Ontario. Committed to continued education in the industry, I transitioned from a career sales force channel to the brokerage channel to deepen my understanding of all aspects of the business. I’ve always had a passion for recruiting, mentoring and coaching. In 2019, I made a full-time transition to FaithLife Financial as a District Manager, where I am excited about the opportunity to recruit and coach new Financial Representatives who will help Canadians to protect their financial futures.

I joined FaithLife Financial because I believe in the company’s core values and principles that they share with their representatives and their members. It was refreshing to see a company with a model that reinvests a portion of the company’s corporate earnings so that their members can support the communities in which they work and live. By being in business for nearly 100 years, FaithLife Financial has had such an incredible impact on giving back to our local community, and communities across the country.

How We’ll Work Together

For every stage of life, being wise with money starts with a plan. Together, using the five financial principles to live by, I will help you protect your financial future and feel confident about your finances.

Based on your personal needs and preferences, we will work together using the following six- step process to help identify your financial goals and develop a plan to help you reach them.

  1. Understand your financial objectives and concerns.
  2. Personalize how we work together based on your needs and preferences.
  3. Gather your information to understand your current situation.
  4. Analyze your information to develop a personalized plan.
  5. Implement the desired strategies within your plan.
  6. Review progress towards your goals and make necessary adjustments.

As your Financial Representative, I will help you plan, protect and invest wisely so you can achieve your financial goals and give back along the way.

Products and Services

I offer insurance and investment solutions to protect your financial future.

  • Life Insurance
  • Education savings for your children or grandchildren
  • Critical Illness, Disability and Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Investments for your short and long-term goals
  • Savings and retirement income
  • Charitable giving options

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