Rates have gone up... again!
  • Rates have gone up… again!

    Looking for a low-risk way to invest your hard-earned money? Consider an Individual Savings Annuity – because rates like these won’t last forever…

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What’s an Individual Savings Annuity?

It’s the insurance version of a GIC. And it’s a wise choice if you’re looking for:

  • a low-risk way to save towards a short-term goal – like a vacation, a wedding, or a new car
  • a simple way to earn more – the more money you invest, the higher the rate!
  • an easier, faster way to ensure your beneficiaries* receive funds** directly when you pass away
  • potential creditor protection – when you name an eligible beneficiary, your ISA may be safeguarded from creditors

With FaithLife Financial, you can enjoy:

  • Guaranteed returns – lock in your interest rate for a term that works for you
  • Flexibility – choose from a non-registered, RRSP, TFSA, or RRIF plan, and save for your goals in a way that suits your needs
  • Freedom – to access your own money early*** if you really need it before the term is up
  • Member benefits – our growing collection of benefits helps you support your family, your community, and the causes you care about.

*Funds are not subject to probate fees or estate settlement delays, meaning beneficiaries will receive more money – faster (when compared to a traditional GIC)

**Registered funds left to your spouse will continue to defer income tax until they are received as income

***Charges may apply if you surrender your funds before the term is up

A low-risk way to invest my hard-earned money? Yes, please!

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