Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF)

What is a RRIF?

A Registered Retirement Income Fund, RRIF, can be a wise choice to provide you with a steady income during retirement. A RRIF is a plan that can hold eligible investments within it, such as Guaranteed Interest Accounts (GIAs) or Segregated Funds.

A RRIF is an investment product used to generate income from assets that have been saved throughout your lifetime. A RRIF can be set up at anytime, but they typically are set up and used in your retirement years as an income distribution product. A RRIF often works as an extension of an RRSP because an RRSP must be converted to a RRIF by the end of the year in which you turn 71. What separates a RRIF from an RRSP is that there is a minimum withdrawal amount each year that is set by the government. There is no maximum withdrawal limit for a RRIF, and if any money is leftover when you pass, it will be distributed per your instructions to either a named beneficiary or your estate.

3 reasons to consider a RRIF:

  • You would like to begin receiving income from your retirement savings plan
  • You need the flexibility to withdraw lump-sum amounts if needed
  • You would like to ensure that your spouse can inherit your retirement savings tax-free