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Whole Life Insurance

When it comes to the future, there are no guarantees

Except when it comes to a participating Whole Life insurance policy. Premiums never go up, and your family can depend on a guaranteed payment after your passing. Plus, this type of protection can grow with your needs.

Why choose FaithLife Financial Whole Life Insurance?

Our whole life insurance comes with a whole lot of guarantees. In addition to a guaranteed payment for your loved ones, here’s what you can expect with a FaithLife Financial Whole life policy:

  • The best of both worlds – combine lifetime protection with the potential to grow your savings through cash values that are accumulated in your policy
  • Lifetime guarantees – enjoy guaranteed premiums, guaranteed cash values, and a guaranteed death benefit
  • Policyowner dividends* – leave them with us to earn interest, buy additional life insurance, or opt to receive them in cash … the choice is yours!
  • Savings opportunities – enjoy tax-preferred growth within your policy
  • Customized optional benefits** – choose from a selection of benefits that have been optimized to meet the needs of Canadians like you
  • Unique member benefits – support your family, your community, or a cause that you care about with our collection of unique member benefits

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Is Whole Life Insurance for me?

Whole life insurance can be appropriate for different life stages, and can be customized to meet your unique needs. Whether you’re focused on building your career or are planning your retirement, it’s a wise choice if you’re looking to:

  • lock in a lifetime of protection – with the opportunity for long-term growth
  • protect your family with access to a cash value to help with emergencies, post-secondary education expenses, or the cost of retirement living
  • leave behind a legacy for your loved ones
  • give a gift to your favourite charity or organization when you pass

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The right coverage for your needs

Many families appreciate the financial security that a whole life insurance policy can provide. In addition to paying a lump sum in the event of your passing, Whole Life also provides cash values that can be accessed as they accumulate in the policy – to help fund important life milestones, such as a child’s post-secondary education, emergencies, or to enhance your retirement.

At the time of purchase, consider customizing your policy with one or more of our additional optional benefits. And be sure to review the Bereavement Counselling Benefit that is included with your plan.

Looking for long-term insurance coverage that is cost effective?


Need a short-term insurance option that’s easy to convert when the time is right?


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Additional Optional Benefits

At the time of purchase, consider adding any or all of the following optional benefits to further customize your plan for your needs.

Support for your loved ones

A FaithLife Financial policy comes with a counselling benefit for members in mourning – at no extra cost.

Bereavement Counselling Benefit

The Bereavement Counselling Benefit provides beneficiaries with a reimbursement of up to $1,000 when they access the support they need after the death of a loved one. This benefit is included in your plan at no additional cost, provided that:

  • the Beneficiary(ies) submit the receipts within 12 months of the date of death, and
  • the counsellor is professionally accredited or certified.

The total amount paid through the Bereavement Counselling Benefit is $1,000, regardless of the number of beneficiaries.


*must be purchased with your policy


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