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Term Insurance

What is Term Insurance?

Term Life Insurance provides temporary protection for temporary needs. It also has some flexibility to allow you to make adjustments as your needs change.

There are two options to choose between:

  • Term Life Insurance: Provides coverage for one person.
  • Joint Term Life Insurance: One policy that covers 2 people who share a joint risk (ex. a mortgage). Joint term insurance is available on our Term 100 policy.

Who is Term Life Insurance Suited For?

We find that term life insurance is a popular choice for:

  • Individuals focused on affordability and flexibility.
  • Small business owners facing debts or significant start-up costs.
  • People with mortgages or other temporary debt.

Term vs. Perm Insurance

Term life insurance is typically the most affordable way to get the coverage your family needs for a set period of time. With term, you can lock in rates for 10, 20 or 30 years.

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Term Life Insurance Options

HealthMatch™ Advantage

Term 10, 20 and 30’s HealthMatch™ advantage rewards you for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

When you apply for Term insurance, we will ask you a few simple questions about your health, habits and family history to determine your general level of wellness. That information is entered into our HealthMatch™ system and used to place you in one of five HealthMatch™ categories. Premiums are based on your health level.

It really does pay to stay healthy!

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