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Virtual Fundraising: 9+ Ways to Live Generously from the Comfort of Home

August 27, 2021Action Teams

9+ Ways to Fundraise VirtuallyA virtual fundraising initiative means no worrying about social distancing or stay-at-home orders. Plus, you can do all the heavy lifting from the comfort of home at a time of year that’s most convenient for you. Still, if you’re used to volunteering at soup kitchens or food drives, you may be scratching your head when it comes to what sort of impact you can make without leaving the house. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 9+ virtual fundraisers to inspire you.

Not to mention, we’re helping FaithLife Financial members get their fundraising initiative off the ground with $150 in seed money – plus a $100 donation to their registered charity – through our Action Team benefit.

What the heck is seed money anyway?

We provide our members with a little bit of a head start (a.k.a., $150 in seed money) to help cover the costs of organizing their fundraising event. The way we see it, our members “plant” their seed money and watch it grow – by raising a whole lot more funds towards the cause they are supporting.

It’s like a ripple effect. It happens naturally. It can grow exponentially. And it’s a beautiful thing to witness.

Ripple of effect of seed money + being kind

Below are some outside-of-the-box (but inside-of-the-house) ways to fundraise virtually…

If you’ve been pondering ways to do good since the pandemic hit, but were finding it challenging to give back to your community amid government restrictions, we’ve got some good news for you: Virtual fundraisers are WAY easier to pull off than the ones that require your (in-person) presence.

1. Give a gift to a community in need*

How does it work?

Choose a gift (or two) from the World Vision catalogue, and start fundraising! From equipping a mobile medical clinic for remote communities with no access to health care to supplying classrooms with the learning essentials our children take for granted, the funds you raise will go a long, long way. Literally and figuratively. (More info)

How will the seed money help?

While it doesn’t look like there are any upfront expenses for this initiative, consider using the seed money to cover prizes for top fundraisers. Prizes are a great motivator when it comes to asking for donations. Win-win!

Give a gift to a community in need

2. Organize a virtual auction at work

How does it work?

Through an online platform like Follow My Bid, you and your colleagues can raise funds for a cause that aligns with your company’s values. Simply collect a nice selection of items you’d like to auction off, and let friends and family know that they can get a great deal for a great cause. (More info)

How will the seed money help?

Use your seed money to help pay for the platform. Pro Tip! Big (and even little) brands are often willing to donate their product or service for a good cause, so don’t be afraid to ask.

3. Start a Facebook fundraiser

How does it work?

Facebook is a seamless platform for not only holding a virtual fundraiser, but for easily spreading the word to friends and family. Now all you need to do is decide which cause you’d like to support! Need ideas? Keep reading! (More info)

How will the seed money help?

Feel like going big? Use your seed money to pay for Facebook advertising and encourage people outside of your social(ly distanced) circle to take part or donate.

4. Live a ‘day on the plate’ of someone with food allergies*

How does it work?

Help the Top 10 Challenge raise food allergy awareness and funds towards allergy research (via CAAIF) by participating in a challenge where YOU live “a day on the plate” of someone with food allergies. How? By cutting top allergens, like nuts or dairy, out of your diet for 1 meal or 1 day. (More info)

How will the seed money help?

To encourage people to donate to your cause, consider using the seed money to buy prizes for top fundraisers. Themed prizes, like an allergy-friendly gift basket or recipe book, are always a fun idea.

Live a day on the plate of someone with food allergies

5. Create a ‘Make a Wish’ wish list for your birthday*

How does it work?

Birthday coming up? Instead of asking for things this year, ask for money – and not for you. For children living with a terminal illness. You can create invitations, thank you cards, and more through Make a Wish Canada’s handy platform. Children can also create a wish list for themselves, so that any money will be split towards a group gift for them and a chronically ill child’s last wish. Virtual party guests will appreciate the convenience of a quick online transaction, and a good reason to avoid visiting a toy store in the middle of a pandemic. (More info)

How will the seed money help?

While it doesn’t look like there are any upfront expenses for this initiative, consider using the seed money to purchase ‘thank you’ goodie bags for all of your (virtual) birthday party attendees. #moremotivation

6. Participate in Meals for Mental Health (at home)

How does it work?

If you’ve been feeling off, down, or isolated since March 2020, imagine how it might feel living with anxiety or depression every day of your life. Want to show your support for those living with a mental health issue? Miss your friends? Host a virtual meal over Zoom, and ask your ‘guests’ to donate the amount they’d have paid in tip at a restaurant or for a host gift to CAMH. (More info)

How will the seed money help?

If you were hosting an in-person dinner party, you would have covered the costs of the meal. With that in mind, consider using the seed money to send a course (Apps? Dessert, perhaps?) to each of your guests’ homes. Then you’ll really feel like the host(ess) with the most(ess).

7. Google a well-known charity*

How does it work?

At any given time of year, you can be sure that there’s a well-known charity hosting a fundraising initiative – whether it’s the MS Bike happening over the summer or the Canadian Cancer Society’s Run for the Cure in the fall, all you need to is a bit of googling to find out what’s going on depending what season you’re in. (And yes, all these big charities have gone virtual since COVID!)

How will the seed money help?

How you use the seed money depends on which charity you choose to support. One idea is to encourage your friends or colleagues to participate in the fundraising fun. You could use the seed money to motivate them with a gift card at their favourite coffee shop or use it as a prize for top fundraiser. The ideas – just like the selection of registered charities to choose from – are practically endless!

Participate in a run to raise funds

8. Jump Rope for Jump Rope for Heart (at Home)*

How does it work?

Speaking of well-known charities, Jump Rope for Heart has been going on since before us millennials were kids. The great news is that your kids don’t have to physically be at school to raise funds for this important cause anymore. By the way, did you know heart disease is the 2nd leading cause of death in Canada? (More info)

How will the seed money help?

The more the merrier! Use the seed money to encourage your kiddo & friends to make it a (virtual) group thing. Send each child an invitation to take part – with a fancy new skipping rope to motivate them to get moving. Even more motivating for little ones?  A prize for the top 3 children who raise the most funds.

9. Raise money for animals in need of rescue

How does it work?

Whether cats, dogs, or wildlife, we humans tend to have a soft spot for our furry & feathered friends. If you happen to be an animal lover, why not support WWF or your local animal rescue? For WWF, try doing a virtual #payitforward campaign – where you send someone in your network a gift from their online shop with a message about the initiative and instructions to pay it forward. Rather support local? Host an auction (see #2) or a Facebook fundraiser (#3!).

How will the seed money help?

If you’re going with the #payitforward campaign, you can use your seed money to buy that first gift… twice! One in your friends & family circle and once among your colleagues. Supporting a local rescue via virtual auction or Facebook fundraiser? See #2 or #3 for ideas on how to spend your seed money. 😊

Raise money for animals in need of rescue

BONUS! Challenge your children

How does it work?

Inspire kindness and generosity in your kids by having them do something kind for others. Encourage them to start a fundraising initiative, like a virtual garage sale for example, to support Sick Kids or an an anti-bullying campaign. Then have them donate the funds made to the charity of their choice. (How? See #3 above.)

How will the seed money help?

Hosting a virtual garage sale? Encourage your kids to use some of the seed money to make beautiful cards or buy a small gift to send along as a ‘thank you’ with each item they’ve sold. #gratitude

For older kids, consider enrolling them in Sick Kids’ virtual philanthropy course. (Did you know? High school students can even put these sessions towards their community service hours – something they’ll need if they plan to apply for a FaithLife Financial post-secondary scholarship.)

Inspire kindness in your kids

*These ones are already done for you. All you need to do is set up your peer-to-peer fundraising page, and you’re good to go! (But don’t forget to apply for your Action Team benefit first.)

Feeling inspired to do some good… virtually? Great! Get started with $150 in seed money – an awesome benefit for generous FaithLife Financial members like you. Take action with the Action Teams benefit today!