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Vacation planning to get away

February 27, 2020Financial Fitness

By making plans in advance, your vacation can be more rewarding. You will know what you are going to be spending, so you can budget to relax and enjoy yourself. If you save a little each month or each paycheque, you’ll be surprised at how quickly your vacation dollars will add up.

Statistics show that while on vacation, the average family spends over $300 per day on lodging, gas, food and fun ‘stuff’. Whether you are a spender or a saver there is a vacation plan that will work for everybody and it’s never too early to start planning.

Tips for planning your vacation:
  • Put the date on your calendar so it becomes a real goal.
  • Consider vacation expectations – simple/extravagant or relaxing/lots of activity?
  • Simplify choosing a destination by alternating vacation ideas with your traveling companion on each vacation, so that a good time is had by all.
  • Watch for Wag Jag, Groupon and other travel discounts – examining the price tag associated with each.
  • Select accommodations with a kitchenette or a mini-fridge. This allows you to snack and prepare economical meals so you’re not spending all your hard-earned vacation budget on food. You can still enjoy planned meals out.
  • Remember to use all of the points that you collect. Cash them in for vacation car rentals, flights or restaurant gift cards.
Go on a “stay-cation”:

If you can’t afford to get away this year keep saving so that you can make it happen next year. Instead, consider a “stay-cation” and become a tourist in your own city! Tell everyone you are on vacation and then ignore the email and the phone. By doing just a few things outside of the norm, you will make fantastic memories without breaking the bank.

  • Visit tourist attractions within 100 km of your home and check out that new restaurant or ice cream shop you just heard about.
  • Take the kids to the beach, the museum, the zoo or a picnic trip to a new park.

Taking a vacation improves your productivity at work and at home. It also rests and rejuvenates your mind and your body – a sweet escape from daily routines.

 Want to know exactly how much your planned getaway will cost? Use a budget sheet!