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Our 2021 Scholarship Winners Make Us Hopeful for a Brighter Tomorrow

September 1, 2021Living Generously

2021 FaithLife Financial Scholarship WinnersYou know what they say: Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders.  Which is why we are beyond pleased to help our young people – your children – achieve their academic goals through the FaithLife Financial post-secondary scholarship.

Because as Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” And we couldn’t agree more!

So without further ado, let us introduce you to this year’s scholarship winners: a group of goal-oriented, compassionate, bright “kids” who will, without a doubt, help pave the way to a better tomorrow.

Andrew Hayes

Andrew is known as a self-motivated young man who provides a good example to other students, especially when it comes to what they can do if they keep working at their goals. In fact, he is so dedicated that his music teacher had to urge him to limit his organ practice to four hours a day to avoid strain injury.

Elliott MacLennan

Elliot is one of the top athletes in his discipline. To achieve that sort of greatness, Elliot had to manage his school, training, personal life, and work schedule to a level where excellence is possible. He sets his sights high, but recognizes that there will be many  bumps in the road to reaching his goals.

Emily-Anne Siemens

Emily is a dedicated athlete determined to succeed and willing to put in the necessary work to improve her ability and enhance her performance. She applies many of the same skills to her academics. She is a hard worker, self motivated and is diligent in her studies.

Frances Gale Aspiras

Frances is a very inquisitive student who is always looking to expand on her learnings. She is willing to help out at a moment’s notice, and has a great rapport with the students she works with.

Gracie Grimminck

Gracie’s work ethic tends to motivate those around her to become better employees. Gracie volunteers at two different churches, where she assists with fundraising efforts, preparing meals, and teaching the children.

Justus Schafer

Justus leads by example and strongly encourages others to be their best. He is very driven and works hard to reach his goals. As one teacher put it, Justus is “one of the most talented students I have taught in the last 25 years.”

Jade Ritter

Jade is a “goal setter extraordinaire” who achieved the high school commencement award for highest achieving student. When Jade gets an idea in her head of something she wants to accomplish, there is no stopping her. Her volunteer work is so inspiring that she won a local Junior Citizen of the Year Award.

Job (JC) Abanto

JC Is a role model for his peers, demonstrating academic excellence, modelling ideal work habits, as well as maintaining a patient and kind demeanour with his classmates. He is “on a journey to better himself in all ways,” and holds himself to a high standard – ethically, morally, and academically.

Lauren Covemaeker

Lauren explores various opportunities to broaden her horizons, deepen her social conscience, and challenge her intellect and physical fitness. Described as “humble” and “generous,” Lauren maintains a disciplined approach to her academic pursuits, part-time work, and extra curricular activities.

Luke Pollex

Luke is extremely self aware and poised, and is known for motivating those around him. When working with volunteers, they always work harder because of the example that Luke sets. Luke is open to feedback, a good listener, and is definitely a favourite with all the volunteers.

Lucas Weber

Helping others is very important to Lucas – and it shows in how he mentors younger volunteers, assisting them in their new roles with patience and kindness. Lucas has been an alter server for many years, and was recently selected to receive the Altar Server Award.

Maren Everett

Maren has always been involved in her community and in extra-curricular activities, especially in aid of those who are forgotten or disenfranchised. Her community service is varied and includes peer tutoring, volunteer childcare, church activities, sports, as well as visiting the elderly and infirm.

Muhammad (Arsal) Sheikh

Arsal has served as a member of the CAA School Safety Patrol, and has volunteered for organizations like the Regina Food Bank and the Regina Dawat Club. He also won the Sasktel “I am Stronger” $1,000 grant for an antibullying project at Grant Road School, and has been raising $700 to $1200 every year for autism.

Parmpreet Mangat

Parmpreet consistently challenges herself with new volunteer, activism, or academic opportunities, while remaining steadfast when it comes to her university work and job responsibilities as a pharmacy assistant. She is passionate about helping and promoting compassion for others – as observed in her varied community and extracurricular activities.

Vanessa Williams

Vanessa is a valued member at her school, always finding ways to connect with others and build a strong, caring, and compassionate community. She has worked with various social justice groups and helped organize cultural events to promote equity and inclusion.

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