New Action Team Benefit

June 17, 2018Action Teams

New Action Team Benefit – inspired by the passion of our members to volunteer and give back!

In 2017, FaithLife Financial piloted an Action Team with members, Joo-Meng and Rosanna Soh and their four children. The Sohs, along with five other families from their church, participated in our inaugural Action Team to raise money for freshwater wells in Africa through Spring of Hope, a charity selected by the children.

“It was a wonderful experience to be a part of this Action Team pilot and to see these young Christian leaders take action about a cause they care about. The $150 in seed money from FaithLife Financial was used to purchase ingredients for the baked goods and craft supplies to be sold. They surpassed their goal, raising just over $1,000 to help deliver fresh water to families in Africa.”

Colin Kirby
District Manager, FaithLife Financial

Here’s how the Action Team Benefit works:

Think about an unmet need in your community and how you could help. Apply online to lead an Action Team of volunteers and once your project is approved, FaithLife Financial will send you $150 in seed money to help fund your event or service project. You’ll receive an Action Team startup kit, which will include Live Generously Now t-shirts for your team, a banner, and participation stickers to share with anyone who attends.