Encouraging faith through music

June 11, 2019Mission Trip

FaithLife Financial’s Mission Trip benefit is a great way for members to give back to support the causes they care about. In March, FaithLife Financial member Trevor Dick, in partnership with Gideons Canada, ShareWord Global and other fellow musicians and artists, embarked on a 5-day mission trip to Lima, Peru. Trevor is a Christian music artist and director of Flyingbow Music Ministry, a non-profit organization where musicians and artists live out their faith. They encourage others to participate in missions, education and advocacy of the arts in support of poverty relief.

Watch Trevor’s inspirational video journey of his mission trip to Peru.

With the support and encouragement of local churches, pastors and volunteers in Lima, his team shared the gospel through music and ministered to children, teens, families and adults in some of the poorer, more unreached regions of Lima, everywhere from churches to parks and even in rehabilitation centres.

This mission trip was inspired by a similar mission in Bolivia that Trevor took part in, in 2012. Trevor says, “This trip was another ‘wake-up call’ to the desperate needs in other countries.” FaithLife Financial is thrilled to support members like Trevor who are choosing to give of their time, talent and treasure to help others around the world.

Learn more about FaithLife Financial’s Mission Trip benefit here.