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Estate Planning: Your Voice After You’re Gone

November 8, 2021Financial Fitness

Regardless of your age, income, or the value of your assets, estate planning is a critical part of planning for your future.

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You’re Never Too Young to Have Life Insurance

November 1, 2021Starting to Plan

According to a recent survey, 55% of Canadian millennials don’t have any life insurance. We’re here to tell you why you need it – and sooner, rather than later.

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Top UP Your Down Payment with Life Insurance

October 15, 2021Building Your Future

Renting a place while trying to save for your first home is incredibly difficult in today’s world of soaring home prices. So what’s a renter looking to buy their first home to do?

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Life Insurance: Protecting Your Home & the People in It

October 1, 2021Starting to Plan

Whether you’re moving in, moving out, or moving out of town, here's why you need to review your life insurance needs if your homeownership journey (and financial situation) is about to change.

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Protect Your Small Business, Your Family & Yourself

September 21, 2021Building Your Future

If you are a key person in your business, and your loss would negatively impact revenue generation, you need a plan in place to cover that lost revenue. Insurance is often the most-effective...

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Life Insurance as Income Replacement

September 14, 2021Building Your Future

When it comes to your life insurance needs, it’s important to consider what sort of lifestyle your salary affords, and who (other than you) relies on this steady source of income.

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Our 2021 Scholarship Winners Make Us Hopeful for a Brighter Tomorrow

September 1, 2021Living Generously

As Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

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Virtual Fundraising: 9+ Ways to Live Generously from the Comfort of Home

August 27, 2021Action Teams

A virtual initiative means no worrying about social distancing or stay-at-home orders. Plus, you can do all the heavy lifting from the comfort of home.

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The Financial Benefits to Saying “I Do”

August 16, 2021Building Your Future

There are more advantages to getting married than having a live-in companion or a guaranteed date. There can be a financial benefit to tying the knot, and we’re about to tell you about it.

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Permanent Life Insurance: A Lifetime of Tax-Effective Rewards

August 3, 2021Building Your Future

When your goal is to provide for the people and causes that matter to you, permanent life insurance provides a solid foundation for a tax-efficient financial plan.

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