Welcome Sons of Scotland

For many decades in Canada, the Sons of Scotland have celebrated their Scottish heritage and culture. FaithLife Financial appreciates the rich mosaic of cultures in Canada and is very pleased to welcome “Canada’s Scottish family” who are joining the FaithLife Financial family of members.

The ongoing story of fraternal benefit societies is that we protect financial futures and give back in the process. We know that what makes us strong is the difference we make through our members and we are excited to see how our new Scottish family members will continue to weave a tartan pattern into the fabric of their communities. We trust that Sons of Scotland members will take advantage of the following unique members benefits:

Between now and October 1st, you should continue to contact Sons of Scotland with any further questions or requests pertaining to your policy. After October 1st, please contact FaithLife Financial Member Services at 1-800-563-6237 with any additional questions.

We look forward to serving all Sons of Scotland members in the future.

Karen Bjerland, CEO FaithLife Financial

Important Note: On July 1, 2018, FaithLife Financial assumed responsibility for the Sons of Scotland life insurance policies, including premium collection, claim payments, policy loans, etc. Persons whose lives were insured on a Sons of Scotland policy will now be insured on a FaithLife Financial policy and will automatically become Associate Members of FaithLife Financial.

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