Mission Trip Benefit

At FaithLife Financial we believe that being wise with money and living generously go hand in hand. Our new Mission Trip Benefit* has been designed to give our members opportunities to live generously.

Are You Going on a Mission Trip?

The Mission Trip Benefit will be awarded to Benefit Members** who will be going on a mission trip with their church or Registered Canadian Charity. Once your mission trip is approved, you will receive the following items:

  • A $200 cheque to help fund your upcoming mission trip – the cheque will be mailed directly to you but made payable to the church or charity you are traveling with.
  • A Live Generously Now T-shirt – please take one photo of you volunteering in the shirt. It’s exciting for us to see your photos and to share stories of members living generously to help others around the world.
  • A FaithLife Financial tote bag.
  • Six FaithLife Financial brochures to introduce us to others going on your trip.

Note: You must apply for the Mission Trip Benefit 4-5 weeks before you go on your mission trip. This benefit will not be awarded post-mission trip.

Please submit your completed form to missiontrips@faithlifefinancial.ca. We will review your application and will get back to you within 3-5 business days, to let you know that you have been approved for the Mission Trip Benefit.

Apply Today

After Your Mission Trip:

  1. Please keep track of the number of volunteer hours spent for your Mission Trip. These volunteer hours are reported in our yearly Outreach and Impact Statement – shared with members in our Annual Report.
  2. After your event, you will receive an email from missiontrips@faithlifefinancial.ca asking you to report the following items/details about your Mission Trip.
  • Share your Mission Trip story with us – just one to two short paragraphs about the impact of your Mission Trip.
  • Submit Mission Trip photos via email to missiontrips@faithlifefinancial.ca. Please take one photo of yourself in your Live Generously Now T-shirts.
  • Scan and email the photo release permission form to missiontrips@faithlifefinancial.ca
  • Length of the Mission Trip event

Note: FaithLife Financial must receive your post Mission Trip report in order for you to be eligible for another Mission Trip Benefit in the future. If you are unable to participate for some unforeseen reason, OR if your mission trip is cancelled for any reason, please contact: missiontrips@faithlifefinancial.ca

*FaithLife Financial’s benefits, grants and programs are not contractual. They are subject to change and maximum funding limits. FaithLife Financial reserves the right to limit the number of Mission Trip benefits awarded to any one member, church or Registered Canadian Charity in order to ensure equitable distribution of this benefit among our membership.

**Benefit Members are the insured on a FaithLife Financial product. The individual, who is insured or is the annuitant under the policy, is the Member.

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