“FaithLife Financial Chapters have served churches and communities with many acts of kindness for over 45 years. We are grateful to all Chapter members for leading initiatives that have inspired others to build a better world.” – Karen Bjerland, FaithLife Financial President & CEO

A new “chapter” in our history

As Chapter members, you have exemplified FaithLife Financial’s mission of building a better world and we are grateful for the many ways that you have volunteered in your churches and your communities.

After conducting market research, we have developed a new fraternal outreach program, ACTION TEAMS. This new member benefit will engage the next generation and is an easy way for members to involve their family and friends to support the causes they care about.

As of January 1, 2019, our new and exciting member benefit, ACTION TEAMS, will replace the current Chapter program of Matching and Fellowship Grants. Now, one member can volunteer to lead an Action Team fundraiser or service project and we’ll help fund the event.

Although the program has changed, our vision is constant and we continue to believe that what makes us different is the difference we’re making together with you, our valued members. This is the ongoing story at FaithLife Financial and we invite ALL members to be part of this exciting new member benefit in 2018 and beyond.

Here’s how the Action Team Benefit Works:

Think about an unmet need in your community or the world and how you and a group of volunteers could help. You can apply online to lead an Action Team and once your project is approved, FaithLife Financial will send you a kit with seed money to help fund your event or service project.


  • $150 cheque in seed money to help fund your event or service project
  • LIVE Generously NOW  t-shirts for you and  your team
  • Planning and promotional materials
  • A banner to inspire engagement at your event
  • Stickers to share with volunteers and participants

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