Action Teams

What are Action Teams?

FaithLife Financial Action Teams* are inspired by the passion of our members to volunteer and give back! We share a common belief that we can do more with our time and resources to make a difference – together. You may apply to lead a service project or a fundraiser Action Team either virtually or in person, to help meet the needs in your communities, as long as you are following social distancing guidelines outlined by health officials. This benefit is available to FaithLife Financial adult members (16 years or older)** who lead an Action Team, once per calendar year.

You will receive the following items once your application is approved:

  • $150 cheque*** to help fund your event or service project
  • LIVE Generously NOW t-shirt (Maximum of 5 per application)
  • Information and Tracking Guide, Volunteer Sign-in/Photo Release Form (downloadable below and sent via email)

Note: This benefit will not be awarded post-event.

Please note: On the second question in the application, it asks you to enter the name of the church or charity you would like to support. To manually add the cause you would like to support, type in the code FLF in the space provided and you will be prompted with a link to click on to manually enter the details.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our Fraternal team at  to discuss your idea.

Apply Now

Planning Materials

It’s easy to plan an Action Team and the process has been outlined below. We are here to help. Contact with any questions.

Information GuideTracking Guide

Volunteer Sign In/Photo ReleaseACTION TEAM Idea Guide

Need an idea? Here’s what others are doing:

Whether virtually or in person, please follow social distancing guidelines outlined by health officials.

  • Organize a community-wide garbage pick-up and use the seed money to supply gloves, garbage bags, and snacks for your volunteers.
  • Purchase food items for local families in need or for organizations in your community (i.e. Food Bank, House of Friendship, Salvation Army, etc.)
  • Purchase materials to make face masks for your community or frontline workers
  • Purchase outdoor gardening supplies for a neighbor in need

Have Questions?

Contact us at

*FaithLife Financial’s benefits and programs are not contractual. They are subject to change and maximum funding limits. FaithLife Financial reserves the right to limit the number of Action Team benefits awarded to any one member, church or charity in order to ensure equitable distribution of this benefit among our membership.

**The individual, who is insured or is the annuitant under the policy, is the “member”. An individual who purchases a FaithLife Financial product and names someone else as the life insured or annuitant becomes the “owner”, but would not be considered a member. For additional information, please speak with your Financial Representative. For additional information, please speak with your Financial Representative, or check out our What is a Member page.

***The seed money is not a gift. It’s an investment to help get your project started or to help you gain awareness for your fundraiser or service project. The seed money cannot be donated directly to the charity or cause as a gift of $150. The seed money is meant to help you fund an event or service project to hopefully grow the amount you will donate to your charity or cause.