Action Teams

FaithLife Financial Action Teams* are inspired by the passion of our members to volunteer and give back! We share a common belief that we can do more with our time and money to make a difference – together.

What are Action Teams?

It’s a simple process and all it takes is one member who is passionate about the opportunity to LIVE Generously NOW! Here’s how it works:

  1. As an adult member (16 years or older) of FaithLife Financial, consider an unmet need in your community and how you and a team of volunteers could help to make a difference.
  2. Apply to conduct an Action Team and receive financial support to launch a fundraiser or service project.
  3. When your project is approved, you’ll receive an Action Team start-up kit, which includes:
  • $150 cheque in seed money to help fund your event or service project
  • LIVE Generously NOW t-shirts for your team
  • Planning and promotional materials
  • A banner to inspire engagement at your event
  • Stickers to share with volunteers and participants

Note: You must apply for the Action Team Benefit 4-5 weeks before your event or service project. This benefit will not be awarded post-event.

Lead an Action Team

Interested in leading an Action Team? As one of our adult members (16 years or older), you’re eligible to apply!

Apply NowHow-To Kit

Teams in Action

Inspire generosity by sharing your Action Team stories! Let us know about the people, experiences and results of your event. To be featured on this page, share your photos using #LiveGenerouslyNow.

Action Team Resources


*FaithLife Financial’s benefits, grants and programs are not contractual. They are subject to change and maximum funding limits.

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