Unique Benefits

FaithLife Financial believes that generosity is a wonderful expression of faith. We offer unique member benefits plus opportunities for you to support the communities and causes you care about.

What is a Member?

When you become the insured on one of our FaithLife Financial products, you automatically become a member* of FaithLife Financial and become eligible to receive unique Member Benefits. Each time a member pays a premium for a FaithLife Financial life insurance policy, a portion of the premium is given back through member-directed community outreach to build a better world – supporting the causes our members care about. FaithLife Financial has delivered an outreach and impact of over $50 million to Canadian communities since 1972.

We invite you to be part of a Christian financial services organization that gives back a portion of your premium through member-directed community outreach to build a better world.

FaithLife Financial has two categories of membership including:

  1. Full Member is an individual (and or spouse or child of a member) who is affiliated with a Christian church or Christian organization and who is the insured or annuitant of a FaithLife Financial product.
  2. Associate Member is an individual who shares the values of FaithLife Financial and who is the insured or annuitant under a FaithLife Financial product or who purchases products that our FaithLife Financial Representatives access from other companies through our Resource Centre.

Member Eligibility

Residents of Canada who are:

  • Christians or
  • Members’ spouses or children or
  • Individuals affiliated with Christian churches and church organizations in Canada
  • Individuals who share the following values of FaithLife Financial: Serving, teaching, encouraging, giving, leading, and showing kindness.

FaithLife Financial has professional Financial Representatives who are licensed to sell FaithLife Financial products in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.


FaithLife Financial’s benefits and programs are not contractual. They are subject to change and maximum funding limits.

*The individual, who is insured or is the annuitant under the policy, is the “member”. An individual who purchases a FaithLife Financial product and names someone else as the life insured or annuitant becomes the “owner”, but would not be considered a member. For additional information, please speak with your Financial Representative.