Whole Life Insurance

Whole Life Insurance can be customized to meet your needs.

Many families, over generations, have relied on the financial security that Whole Life insurance provides. In addition to paying a death benefit, Whole Life also provides cash values that can be accessed as they accumulate in the policy, to fund vital needs such as a child's education and more. Whole Life can be customized to meet your needs and to provide a foundation that will help protect your family's financial future.

Protection for Life

Whole Life coverage provides lifetime coverage with premiums that never increase. It also provides:

  • Increasing cash value
  • Access to policy loans
  • Optional Child Protector coverage available

Ask your Financial Representative about additional benefits that can enhance this plan, such as our Waiver of Premium, Guaranteed Purchase Option, and Accidental Death Benefit.

Share in Dividends

Each year, your Whole Life policy allows you to share in dividends that may be declared by FaithLife Financial. You can use dividends earned in three ways:

  • Purchase additional paid-up insurance
  • Leave them within the policy to accumulate with interest
  • Apply them toward premium payments

How to Use Whole Life Insurance

  • Traditional insurance - financial security for families
  • Retirement funding - with accumulated cash values
  • Education funding - as named beneficiaries or values are built-up over a significant number of years
  • Charitable giving - leave a gift for a charity

When you purchase an insurance policy, you become a FaithLife Financial Member and are eligible to receive unique Member benefits. Contact your FaithLife Financial Representative or our head office for more information.