Term 30

Affordable Life Insurance for a given period of time.

HealthMatch™ advantage

Term 30's HealthMatch™ advantage rewards you for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

When you apply for Term 30, we will ask you a few simple questions about your health, habits and family history to determine your general level of wellness. That information is entered into our HealthMatch™ system and used to place you in one of five HealthMatch™ categories. Premiums are based on your health level.

It really does pay to stay healthy!

Renewable Protection

Term 30 Life Insurance allows you the stability of level premiums for 30 years, and then the flexibility of renewing your policy annually thereafter.

  • Purchase Term 30 in amounts of $100,000 or more
  • Lower premium rates for the first 30-year term. Renewal rates increase; however, if you provide evidence of insurability upon renewal, you can re-apply for a new policy and continue to take advantage of Term 30's lower initial rates
  • Can be converted to permanent insurance until age 71
  • Child Protector Coverage available
  • Ask your representative about additional benefits that can enhance this plan, such as our Waiver of Premium Option and Accidental Death Benefit
  • Ideal for Mortgage Insurance
  • Excellent starter protection or a great way to top up your permanent insurance for an established period of time
  • Affordable insurance for small business owners

Benefits of Membership

When you purchase a FaithLife Financial product, you automatically become a Member and are eligible to receive unique benefits of membership. FaithLife Financial Members blend faith and finances to be wise with money and live generously - strengthening families, churches and communities. Talk to your FaithLife Financial Representative today or contact our head office for more information.