Term 100

Affordable long-term permanent insurance.

Proceeds can be used for whatever your heirs need: housing, education or even estate protection.

Affordable Coverage

Term 100 is competitively priced insurance protection to age 100 and beyond.

  • Available to you between ages 16 and 80.
  • $50,000 protection or more available if you're between ages 16 and 64.
  • $25,000 protection or more available if you're between ages 65 and 80.
  • Guaranteed level premiums.
  • You have the option of choosing a reduced paid-up death benefit; however, the longer you pay premiums, the higher your paid-up coverage will be.
  • Death benefit goes directly to your beneficiary - tax free.
  • Ask your representative about additional benefits that can enhance this plan, such as our Waiver of Premium Option, Accidental Death Benefit and Child Protector Benefit.

Joint & Last Survivor Option

The Joint & Last Survivor option ensures maximum protection by insuring both you and your spouse with on plan.

  • A single annual premium covers both of you.
  • Death benefit is paid after the second death.
  • Premiums payable after the first death can be waived with the purchase of our optional Waiver of Premium Death Benefit.

Benefits of Membership

When you purchase a FaithLife Financial product, you automatically become a Member and are eligible to receive unique benefits of membership. FaithLife Financial Members blend faith and finances to be wise with money and live generously - strengthening families, churches and communities. Talk to your FaithLife Financial Representative today or contact our head office for more information.