Steps to Success

What does it take?

Our Financial Representatives are passionate about working with people in the community - at church, in their stores, at school, on the rink, outside their farms and inside their homes. There are six steps to success:

Step 1: Create a network

Build relationships with family, friends, neighbours, churches, schools, business and community groups - relationships built on trust and nurtured over time.

Step 2: Meet with people

Explore and analyze their financial needs, through a comprehensive and systematic needs analysis approach.

Step 3: Develop a financial plan

This will help to achieve your member's financial goals.

Step 4: Share expert knowledge

About insurance and investment products that best fit the member's financial objectives. Help them put their financial plan in action.

Step 5: Follow up with customers

When they purchase a life insurance policy or investment with us, your customer becomes a member of FaithLife Financial. Regular contact with your member to ensure satisfaction, keep financial plans current and gain all-important referrals, is the lifeblood of any financial practice.

Step 6: Work with your members' Churches

You can help your members' congregations achieve their mission by leveraging the benefits and support programs available to them.

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