Explore Your Future

It's all about fit.

Our recruiting process can take eight weeks or more because we want to hire talented people who we're confident can succeed as a Financial Representative. For this reason, our process is made up of three separate phases.

Phase One - Discovery

During phase one, you will start to determine if our career opportunity is a fit with your personality. You can expect:

  • Suitability profiles
  • Interviews and reference checking

Phase Two: Career Preview

Phase two will enable you to gain specific insights into a career as a financial representative so you can make a well-informed decision. Phase two involves:

  • Career and market analysis
  • Job shadowing

Phase 3: Licensing and Contracting

In this final phase of the process, you must pass your provincial licensing exam. Then you are well on your way to building a career as a financial representative at FaithLife Financial. Your final steps include:

  • Provincial licensing
  • Contract execution
  • Business plan development

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