Lutheran Community and Heritage Support

FaithLife Financial began its heritage as Lutheran Life Insurance Society of Canada and was established in 1972 in Waterloo, Ontario.

In recognition of our historical ties to the Lutheran community and their ongoing support, FaithLife Financial continues to support Lutheran educational institutions, as well as LCC and ELCIC national and regional conferences.

Lutheran Seminaries

Lutheran Seminaries have long been supported by FaithLife Financial and we continue our support of their development of leaders in the Lutheran community. These seminaries are:

FaithLife Financial provides MDiv graduates with a communion set. We also provide fellowship funds to assist with the costs of the luncheons honouring these graduates.

Study and Lecture Series Program

The Study and Lecture Series Program has a history dating back to our roots. Lutheran colleges and seminaries are strong supporters of learning in their communities. Institutions that qualify are:

Schools must apply each year as they organize their world class speakers through our online application indicating dates and speaker details. Funds available are subject to annual funding limits so apply early. Pre-approval is required for these events.

LCC and ELCIC National & Regional Conferences

To apply, contact head office, Fraternal Outreach Department at 1-800-563-6237.

Many FaithLife Financial members are active in the Lutheran community and we look forward to supporting their work and efforts through regional and national conferences.

* Conference committees are required to apply online for support or supplies 3 to 12 months prior to their event as annual funding is limited.