Director Elections

A Director election will occur in the fall of 2018. Members will receive information about the Director election via Canada Post early in the fall. We encourage you to review all of the Director election information and to cast your vote.

Director Proposals

The  Board consists of individuals who possess skill and experience prerequisites that are based on the strategic needs of FaithLife Financial and federal regulatory requirements. Preference is given to candidates who have previously served on a governance board, have a background in financial services and bring the needed skills, knowledge and experience. Individuals also need to demonstrate a commitment to a Christian fraternal organization, good communication skills, prudent judgment, self-awareness, integrity, accountability and objectivity.

The call for Members to submit Director Proposals has typically been made each spring through Connections. To give the Board more time to complete the rigorous selection process, the call for Directors is being made in future fall issues of Connections. The deadline for receipt of submissions for 2019 Board positions is January 15, 2018. We are also encouraging Members to submit Director Proposals throughout the year.

  • All candidates will undergo a rigorous selection process to ensure that they meet the Board's requirements. Based on the current and future needs of the Board, it is possible that a Member proposal for a Director may not qualify for election to the Board.
  • If incumbent Board Directors are approved by the Board to fill all vacancies, they will be acclaimed and no election will be held.
  • If there are additional vacancies, the Board will approve the most qualified nominees to create a slate for election by Members, which will be conducted through the fall issue of Connections. This will be a confirmation election, where Members will be asked to vote "yes" or "no" for each candidate. A simple majority of "yes" over "no" votes will elect a candidate.

Visit our Board Responsibility page to learn more.

As well as keeping you informed, we welcome your feedback regarding the work of FaithLife Financial's Board. Please share your comments by sending an e-mail to: