Board Responsibility

FaithLife Financial's Board is the representative legislative and governing body of the organization. The Board performs an overall directing and monitoring role, while the role of operational leadership is delegated to the President and Chief Executive Officer and supporting management. The Board's responsibilities are to:

  • Design the Board structure and processes.
  • Govern the missional and strategic planning process.
  • Delegate management authority and responsibility to the CEO.
  • Monitor compliance and measure results.

The Board is accountable to the Members of FaithLife Financial for fulfilling the expectations of the responsibility of governance. The election of Directors to the Board is the primary means of accountability.


Karen C. Bjerland, BA, FIC
President, Chief Executive Officer & Corporate Secretary

K. Alan Uffelmann, MBA, CPA, CMA
Vice-President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer

Joe Alvarez, MBA, B.Sc
Vice-President, Operations and Business Development

Lawrence Guenther, FCIA
Vice-President and Actuary, Chief Risk and Compliance Officer