President's Message - Engaging Members

Karen_Presidents_Message.jpgOver the past months, engaging Members and hearing their stories has been a priority for FaithLife Financial. In 2015, FaithLife Financial is launching two Member groups in order to gather feedback and to better understand a Member's financial journey. I love to hear how and why our Members have chosen to protect their families with FaithLife Financial. Some stories are simply due to the fact that a financial solution was needed and we had the right product to meet their need.

Many of the stories point to having faith and to Members who are engaged in acts of generosity through the many ways that FaithLife Financial helps them give back. Other stories are about Members placing their trust in Christ after times of rebellion and unbelief. Michael shared that as a teenager he was proud of rebellion that made him self-centered, indulgent and reckless. He says, "The more ungodly I became, the more I opposed God. It reached a point when if asked, 'What's your religion?' my answer was, 'Anti-Christian'." During this journey Michael came upon a copy of the New Testament, which he started reading. He found an immediate sense of relief and comfort. Now he says, "I thank God for saving me from destruction and for giving my life a purpose beyond myself. It is He who enables me and all who call upon Him in truth, to no longer live for ourselves - but to live for Him who died for us and rose again."

I also had the opportunity to hear Jason, another Member, speak at a gathering. When someone asked him why he became a FaithLife Financial Member he said, "For me it's about being part of an organization that really cares about people and so they give back a portion of what I pay for insurance to help others. I was also really touched when I read about the "Little Angel" Member benefit because my parents lost a full-term baby and I remember how difficult that was for them. A benefit like this just shows people that they aren't alone when life gets hard."

For many of our Members, FaithLife Financial is part of a family history where passing on wisdom, Christian values and financial health is ingrained across generations of Members. You may be a Member because of the relationship that you have with your FaithLife Financial Representative who has been there for you when your family faced the death of a loved one. Whatever the reason, we are thankful to have you as a Member. I'd like to encourage you to visit to learn about your fellow Members. We are all in this together - encouraging one another to blend faith and finances - living generously to strengthen families, churches and communities. We are a Christian community of people working together to build a better world.

Karen Bjerland

President and CEO

"We remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labour prompted by love, and your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ." 1 Thessalonians 1:3