President's Message - God's Ultimate Gift

Karen_Presidents_Message.jpgHis story is one of truth, love, and hope. God sent His Son, Jesus, into the world as His ultimate gift - bringing great joy to all creation. We commonly think of gifts for birthdays and special occasions like Christmas. Most people appreciate a tangible display of affection that can be enjoyed and giving gifts to each other can be a lovely thing. However, the things with the greatest value often come without a price tag.

Isn't it a wonderful gift when a family member offers to make dinner one night? Aren't our spirits lifted when we receive a phone call from a parent, a sibling or an old friend? If the small things are counted, we soon realize that we are surrounded by good gifts every single day.

TNativity Scenehis Christmas, I have challenged each of us here at FaithLife Financial to take one day, from morning until night, to count our blessings and to make note of them in our mobile devices or on a notepad. For example, today, I woke up and realized that I had slept soundly all night in my warm and comfortable bed. That's one. My breakfast of fluffy scrambled eggs (prepared by my husband!) and orange juice with NO pulp was delicious and nourishing. That's two. And even before my work day began, I received gift number three when a co-worker greeted me with a smile. 

I think you see where I'm going with this. If you make note of every moment of happiness placed in your life, you'll see that you unconsciously unwrap hundreds of gifts throughout your day. God's heart exudes such generosity. An understanding that every good gift comes from above is what leads us to a deep sense of gratitude and devotion to Him.

Imagine with me a starry night long ago when a peasant girl named Mary gently touched the face of heaven's child.  As His newborn heart beat softly, she must have heard the whisper of God's love - oh how the magnitude of this gift must have overwhelmed her. In Luke Chapter 2, we read that she treasured all these things and pondered them in her heart.

This year, amidst the bows, the paper and the gifts, let us take notice of the simple blessings we receive each day. My Christmas wish for you is that you would open your heart to receive the hope, love, peace and joy that God has bestowed through heaven's child. The cost was priceless and so is the gift!

Karen Bjerland
President and CEO